CURRENT: In 2012 the Beemster exists exactly 400 years, which means many activities.

For the 400 year activities also see

Walking tour Stelling van Amsterdam

Cheese markets in 2013: Wednesday Edam, Thursday Hoorn, Friday Alkmaar 



When you visit the camping, you will receive a road map with nodes (‘knooppuntenroutekaart’). This map together with the sign posts along the roads enables you to see the surroundings on bike while choosing your own route. In addition, there are some fixed ANWB-routes, such as:

- the Beemsterroute. This provides you with a magnificent overview of the Beemster, with its lots allocated along straight lines, its rows of trees and beautiful farm houses. You will also pass many mills, as well as old villages like Graft and De Rijp  

- the Zeevangroute, direction IJsselmeer.

- the Gouwzeeroute, passing and traversing the old Zuiderzee-villages  Edam,Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken (including boat trip).

- the Veenweide Wormerroute, to the Zaanse Schans and passing through Jisp.

Cycling in World Cultural Heritage, cycling in Leeghwaterland, something you must have done!


Activities in the region

In addition to a wide and varied program in the big cities Amsterdam,  Alkmaar and Hoorn, various trips can be made in the region; Museum Betje Wolf and the  Agricultural Museum in Middenbeemster, musea  in Graft-De Rijp, the sculpture garden of Nic Jonk in Grootschermer, the Bakery Museum in Medemblik , the  Beverwijk jumble sale, the Zuiderzee Museum with boat trip in Enkhuizen. Museum of the 20e century and the Westfries Museum in Hoorn. Fairy tale wonderland in Enkhuizen,  Steam Engine Museum in Medemblik, Steamtram Hoorn - Medenblik

The cities Volendam, Edam, Monnickendam and Marken

Whispering boats and canoeing at various beautiful nature locations (De Rijp, Broek in Waterland)   

Zaanse Schans in Zaandam



When you come to camp in the Beemster it is advisable to bring along your walking shoes, because there is lots to see on foot:

- a walking trip along the south dike to the beautiful picturesque village Graft – De Rijp is a pleasure to the eye.

- the long distance route from Bergen to Enschede just passes by the camping.

- along the north dike of the Beemster a special walking route has been established.

- on Tuesday morning the market in Purmerend. This market is only two kilometres from the camping.


By car

Of course also by car many opportunities offer themselves starting from the camping ‘In het Fruit’:

- the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen offers a beautiful picture of living and working in the former villages at the Zuiderzee. 

- the Koggenroute is a ANWB- route passing by the camping and taking you among others to Hoorn, Medemblik and the Beemster. 

- the North Sea can be reached very well by car. About 30 minutes of driving will take you to Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee or Schoorl. 

- the IJsselmeer village Edam lies at 8 kms from the camping and the former Zuiderzee villages Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken are within easy reach by car. 

- at about 1.5 kms distance there is a golf course and a real Beemster vineyard lies at 5 kms.



For his purpose you are at the right spot on camping ‘In het fruit’.Within a range of 8 kms are three areas with plenty of water, containing specifically marked splendid canoe routes:

- the Eilandspolder near Graft  De Rijp 

- the waters around Monnickendam 

- the Jisperveld and Wormerveld near Neck and Jisp

When you do not have your own canoe, you can also rent canoes, rowing boats or whispering boats at these locations. 

Beemster world heritage

----Beemster world heritage----Because of the conservation of the unique landscape with its special infrastructure the Beemster has been proclaimed world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1999. As a camper you can be witness to this beautiful part of North Holland