appelbloesem op de camping



During the breeding season there is a coming and going of many varieties of birds. In Spring many beautifully coloured bulb fields can be admired in the Beemster. The Tourist Office offers a special map on which all bulb fields are marked, together with their colours. In this way you can compose your own bike route. As the Beemster is a polder, drainage is very important. One does not want to get wet feet!  Hence throughout the polder an enormous array of canals has been established and these you should not miss as a tourist. These wide as well as very small canals lend a special atmosphere to the polder, but also many horses and birds adorn the landscape and the air.

In part because of this infrastructure of roads and water, which has been conserved since 1612, the Beemster has been proclaimed by Unesco as world cultural heritage.

Camping ‘In het Fruit’ is situated in the triangle  Amsterdam (15 kms), Alkmaar (19 kms) en Hoorn (15 kms). All of these cities are fully worth a visit. In Alkmaar the famous cheese market takes place on Friday mornings. The antiquity and beauty of these old cities and their attractiveness to tourists are generally known.

Purmerend is situated at 2 kms from the camping and from there the abovementioned cities can be reached very well through public transportation. In addition to these larger cities, many other nice villages can be visited within a 15 kms range. For example Graft-De Rijp, Broek in Waterland, Jisp and the  IJsselmeer villages Edam, Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken. Purmerend itself is a city with about 80.000 inhabitants and as such it has many facilities like shops, cinema, swimming pool, etc.



Beemster world heritage

----Beemster world heritage----Because of the conservation of the unique landscape with its special infrastructure the Beemster has been proclaimed world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1999. As a camper you can be witness to this beautiful part of North Holland